Fiction: April 21st in Dana Science Building (498 words)

30 Jan

The science building at 11 pm on a Saturday night is dead silent.  Most of the lights have been turned out by the security personnel as a part of the school’s going green policy.  In fact, once or twice during the semester, the guards had turned the lights all the way down to safety lights on her.  She didn’t mind too much though. No one really expected anyone to be in the silent building at that time of night anyway.

But she liked being there when the place was still and quiet.  She was an oddity anyway, an English and Film major who actually went to—let alone enjoyed—being in the science and computer science building.  And in the middle of the night, she headed over there, her backpack loaded down with textbooks and notepads.  She took over a whole section of computers, spreading her stuff out over several desks.  When she got bored with one subject, she spun in her chair to the next desk, to the next topic.  When she started to get a little tired, she slipped off her ballet flats and ran a couple of laps around the courtyard barefoot, just to get her blood pumping again.  If it got to be too much, sometimes she would take a twenty-minute nap on the couch in the lobby.  But most of the time, she just worked through the night until the dining hall opened for brunch on Sunday morning.

She always slept her Sundays away.  Her friends believed that it was just the week’s exhaustion catching up with her, or else her own little way of preparing for the next week’s stress.  No one really thought she sat up all night, humming to herself, getting as much work done as possible.  That silent, solitary work place, was her favorite part of the campus, and one of her favorite parts of being in college.  As much as she never wanted to admit it to her friends, some of her favorite times too.

In just under a month, she was going to be graduating.  She did have a job waiting for her.  Not a good one, mind you, but in this climate, it was more than she could have hoped for.  She was going to move into an apartment with far too many other recent grads so that she, and they, could afford to save some money in the next few years.  She would no longer have access to these kinds of twenty-four-hour facilities, nor would she have the luxury of pulling weekly all-nighters, just for the hell of it, just to get caught up on a slacking to do list.  So, four more nights like this, and then she’d be done.

She leaned back in her chair and took in the three desks covered with her stuff.  She could do this. It would be hard, but she could do this.  First, however, she would enjoy her last few days, her last perfect Saturday nights, to their absolute fullest.

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