Fiction: Teamwork (254 words)

22 Jan

Lindsey refused to acknowledge that George was a traitor, and she refused to sign the paper that would make it mandatory for her to turn him in to the authorities if he ever contacted her again. Because of that, they had her spend the night in one of the low security holding wards. She pretended to sleep, her back turned away from the door and the security camera, eyes wide open, trying to think. Even if she had wanted to sleep, she’d never been able to. Without the sound of George’s even breathing, she’d never felt safe enough to fall asleep.

She had always hated sleep deprivation training when she was younger. But now, she was happily reaping the benefits. Without a full nights sleep, her mind had somehow become clearer, starker, and making connections that she had missed in the weeks before. When they came in to take her back to discuss George again, she had a plan. But then again, she always had a plan. George was the man of action. She wasn’t sure if she would be too good at the action part, not sure if she could get all the pieces to fall into place, but heaven knew she had to try.

But then an alarm blared, and she had to smile to herself–the timing was just too good, too perfect. It had to be George. Every doubt about not being a woman of action fell away from her mind, and she put her plan in motion.

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