Fiction: Sweet Little Family (302 Words)

21 Jan

River leaned against the door frame. She knew she should have gone to bed ages ago, but she just couldn’t make herself walk away. Four-year-old Stephanie, affectionately called Stevie by the rest of the family, was curled into a little ball in her “big girl bed,” curled around her brown teddy bear that her father had bought just before her birth. Unlike his sister, two and half year old Jackson was sprawled out in his crib, arms and legs going in completely opposite directions, head lolled back, mouth wide open. They were the most beautiful creatures she’d ever seen, her children, and she didn’t really want to turn away from them.

She felt an arm slink quietly around her waist. “You coming to bed?” David whispered into her ear.

“In a minute.” She replied, not mentioning that she thought ‘a minute’ would have actually been several minutes ago.

“They’re wonderful, aren’t they?” David murmured, resting his chin on her shoulder. “How do you think we got so lucky?”

“Well, we certainly had more than enough of bad luck before them, didn’t we? The world needs to balance itself back out. Do you think that’s why we got them as wonderful as they are?”

“I don’t know, but that’s as good as a theory as any.” David kissed her neck gently. “Are you afraid for them?”

“Every moment of every day.” River answered truthfully. “You?”

“All those moments and all the moments in the nights too.” David sighed. “We did some stupid things, didn’t we Rivs?”

“Yes. Many. But those two, they aren’t part of that.”

“No, and I’ll make sure that stays true no matter what.” David kissed River on the neck gently once more. “But come to bed. We’ll tell them how wonderful they are in the morning.”

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