Fiction: Different Kind of Sister (323 words)

10 Jan

It didn’t shock me at all to find her hanging upside down off the edge of her bed. In fact, I think that the day I come home and find Charlotte sitting in a pose that any other human being would find normal, I think I’ll have a heart attack. “Goodness, Lotte, what are you doing?”

“Seeing the world in a new way. Did you know there are at least four different coins underneath my desk?”

“No, I didn’t. Flip right side up, Lot, your face is getting redder than I’d like.”

Muttering to herself, Charlotte kicked her legs up over her head and somersaulted off the bed. She planted herself in the middle of the floor, sitting cross legged. “It could be anywhere from four cents to a whole dollar under my desk. What a gamble!”

“Are you going to check?” I asked her.

“No. I like the possibilities of not knowing.” She answered. After a moment of silence, she called out, “Sissy?”

“Yes, Lotte?”

“I’ve been thinking.”

“Dangerous words coming out of your mouth. Tell me, what have you been thinking?”

“I’ve been thinking that it’s alright that we aren’t sister by blood because God made us sisters by fate. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s right.”

“I think that God knew that we were both lonely without the rest of our families, so he let me find you.”

“That makes sense as well.”

“And I’ve been good for you, right, Sissy?”

“Very good.”

“Even if I do nothing else with myself, I can be proud because I saved your life.” That last part seemed to be more to herself than to me. She spun herself up to her feet and flattened her skirts around her legs. “Right then. I am off to play with the other girls in the common room.”

“Alrighty. Keep your fingers out of other’s pockets, Lotte.”

“I promise, I promise.” Charlotte swung the door quickly shut behind her.

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